IGP Energy announces its IGP Dual Fuel Joint Venture

By January 15, 2021October 12th, 2022China Methanol, Environmental, Methanol Vehicles

January 15, 2021

The Tianjin, China government approved and issued a formal business license to Tianjin IGP Dual Fuel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (“IGP Dual Fuel”). IGP Dual Fuel is a joint venture between IGP Energy Limited (Hong Kong) and Tianjin Deren Difeier Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. IGP Dual Fuel’s business model focuses on the commercial application of diesel–methanol combined combustion technology, which is proven to reduce costs and significantly lower emissions compared to standard diesel combustion technology.

IGP Dual Fuel technology has over 10 patents and patents pending in China and the United States. The technology increases engine power by more than 10% and the acceleration response is faster than the original engine. IGP Dual Fuel reduces fuel costs significantly, saving 10–15% on average. The use of the technology greatly improves the exhaust emissions— motor vehicle emissions can meet the multinational Euro VI emissions standards without urea injection, making it quite environmentally friendly. IGP Dual Fuel technology also provides effective reduction of particulate matter and carbon emissions with dozens of internationally peer-reviewed papers showing up to 50% reductions in Black Carbon emissions.

Developed by the National Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Combustion Science of Tianjin University, the technology was transferred to Tianjin Deren Difeier Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd in 2017. On October 15, 2019, Tianjin Deren Difeier Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and IGP Energy Limited signed a joint venture contract in Beijing in accordance with the Laws of China and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Sino-foreign Joint Ventures.

IGP Energy Limited and IGP Methanol LLC both are the wholly owned subsidiaries of IGP Energy Inc. Two founders of the company, Mr. James Lamoureaux and Dr. Zack Chen have worked in China regularly for the last 15 years and were at the JV signing. Also attending the signing ceremony were Ms. Yuan Aili, President of IGP China, Professor Yao Chunde, inventor of technology, and Yao Anren, general manager of Tianjin Deren Difeier Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

The joint venture company’s final industrial and commercial name is Tianjin IGP Dual Fuel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

In the same year, the joint venture signed an exclusive agency agreement with IGP Energy Limited for global technology and product promotion outside China for IGP Dual Fuel technology. IGP is also assisting the JV in applying for international patents, laying a strong foundation for the promotion of IGP Dual Fuel technology world-wide.

At the beginning of the 2021, according to the spirit and requirements the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “Application of Methanol Vehicles,” IGP Dual Fuel is well-positioned to take advantage of the emerging international “Methanol Economy,” paving the way toward a “Carbon Neutral” global future.


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