Taking Responsibility

Building a legacy


Moving Forward

Leading the decarbonization of chemicals and fuels


Soaring Above

IGP’s plants lower emissions by 70–90% versus competition


Looking Ahead

Providing clean fuels for responsible, sustainable growth


Cleaning Air

Breathe easy: methanol emits no particulate pollutants


Protecting Oceans

Biodegradable marine fuel


Leading Change

Sulfur-free marine fuel fights ocean acidification


Boosting Efficiency

Dual Fuel Technology for diesel engines cuts CO2e 70% and sulfur emissions in half


Transforming Carbon

Turning CO2 emissions into clean liquid fuel


The Technology

Methanol Synthesis from Natural Gas


The Team

Global Experience, Renowned Expertise

IGP Methanol is building a legacy with clean and hydrogen-rich
biodegradable chemicals and fuels to help save our planet.

Tianjin IGP Dual Fuel New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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IGP Pusuing CO2-Neutral and CO2-Negative Production