Moving Forward

Leading the decarbonization of chemicals and fuels


Soaring Above

IGP’s plants lower emissions by 70–90% versus competition


Looking Ahead

Providing clean fuels & products for responsible, sustainable growth


Cleaning Air

Breathe easy: methanol emits no particulate pollutants


Protecting Oceans

Biodegradable marine fuel


Leading Change

Sulfur-free marine fuel fights ocean acidification


Boosting Efficiency

Dual Fuel Technology for diesel engines cuts CO2e 70% and sulfur emissions in half


Transforming Carbon

Turning CO2 into clean liquid fuel and carbon-sequestered products


Taking Responsibility

Building a legacy


IGP is building a legacy with clean and hydrogen-rich
biodegradable chemicals and fuels to help save our planet.

The World’s Lowest-Emission Ultra-Clean Blue Methanol Facility

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Beneficial-Use Carbon Technology Sites

With Food-grade CO2 Supplied

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Breakthrough Environmental Technology—

IGP Dual Fuel New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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