The NPC and CPPCC | Geely chairman Li Shufu proposal: to promote the Methanol-fueled car purification net about car development space

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2018-03-04 05:35

With the first session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress adjacent, the automotive industry has attracted the attention of the industry proposal. In March 2nd, Sina automobile from Geely Holding Group was informed that the National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu on the net about car development and New energy vehicles A thorough research of development strategy, will be submitted to the “liquid sunshine economy” to promote the Methanol-fueled car market purification of network about the car industry development space to promote the platform to enhance internal strength proposal.

In the “liquid sunshine economy” to promote the Methanol-fueled car market, Li Shufu suggested that the establishment of major national science and technology project, the formation of a methanol, “liquid sunshine fund,” commissioned by the professional and international market, the equity investment company, as soon as possible to promote the operation of the market Methanol-fueled car; in purification Network about cars. “The development of space industry to promote the platform to enhance internal strength,” Li Shufu suggested that the network about the car into the taxi management, overall management.

The development of “liquid sunshine economy”

This year, Li Shufu in the New energy vehicles That in-depth research and development strategy, “liquid sunshine economy” and Methanol-fueled car there is lack of policy support, technology breakthroughs, international competition is fierce, the facilities are not mature and many other challenges in the development of further.

In this regard, Li Shufu suggested:

1, the central lead: institutional innovation and policy pilot

“Liquid sunshine economy” although there are a variety of advantages, but its development is obviously lagging behind. Countries and manufacturers for the new energy industry and the promotion of new energy vehicles, Tesla and other overseas similar and promotion of new energy vehicles, to promote the mass for the new energy industry and new energy vehicles (electric) cognition. Application of Methanol-fueled car and methanol fuel should also be like a promotion electric vehicle The same attention, because of its effect and the electric vehicle is as obvious.

According to estimates, alcohol based fuel with methanol as the representative to replace coal-fired boilers and used as vehicle fuel, air PM2.5 will be reduced by more than 80%, sulfur dioxide will be reduced by more than 95%, nitrogen oxides will be reduced by more than 90%, more than 50% of carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, due to policy support, leading to social capital investment enthusiasm for “liquid sunshine economy” and Methanol-fueled car is far less than the electric and economy electric vehicle At the same time; mass of “liquid sunshine economy” development and Methanol-fueled car attention and understanding is still relatively limited, embodied in the not familiar with the characteristics of methanol fuel, methanol to economic benefit and safety can be brought by the lack of understanding, trust.

Recommendations: the establishment of “liquid sunshine economy demonstration area, through institutional innovation and policy pilot, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of resources demonstration area, overall layout of methanol industry technological innovation, technology services and industrial agglomeration. Through institutional exploration and market operation, the formation of the platform in the demonstration area is closely linked to the establishment of a world-class methanol economy environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the demonstration zone characteristics and advantages of the R & D resources to form cooperation, implementation of methanol application demonstration base.

The establishment of an inter departmental leadership team, by the State Council in charge of the leadership or China academy leaders served as head of the leadership of relevant ministries and demonstration area as the members of the leading group. Under the leading group working group to be considered in the China Academy of Sciences, and vigorously promote the “liquid sunshine economy” development.

2, continue to promote the industrialization of technology, aiming to achieve the life cycle of carbon neutral methanol

At present, some research institutions put forward technical development route of “liquid sunshine”, the research put forward from the methanol production to three a gradual development stage the reduction of carbon emissions and energy cycle in the process of usage:

The first stage is the high carbon emissions for methanol production of fossil energy technology, and run for decades already exists, from the first generation and the second generation of coal natural gas as raw material. At present, about 60% of global production of methanol with natural gas as raw material, the process in coal process of low investment, low pollution; low carbon emissions of the second stage is from the hydrogen rich coal based hybrid system, with natural gas, nuclear power and renewable energy production of methanol, the technology in the production process can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions; the third phase of the carbon neutral by the four generation and the five generation of biomass technology, still need further research and technology development.

Because of China’s “rich coal less gas” energy resource structure, the lack of cheap natural gas resources, coal methanol production capacity accounted for 77.3% of the total production capacity of methanol, natural gas accounted for only 13.2%. Domestic coal methanol water consumption, environmental pollution, remote areas and high transport costs, fierce competition in the homogenization. Therefore, to get rid of the use of coal as raw material and dependence, from the first stage as soon as possible to second, the gradual development of third stages.

Recommendations: the establishment of major national science and technology projects specializing in methanol, methanol synthesis from methanol to widely used in the whole chain of related high technology development and industrialization, and realize the high occupation technology of methanol industry continued to upgrade and breakthrough, complete the industrialization of high technology in the global scope. Suggestions for the integration of the industry’s top R & D strength, and by asset management platform to promote and realize the industrialization of technology.

3, master the methanol industry chain of discourse, the establishment of China’s leading position

With the development of methanol as the representative of the “liquid sunshine economy”, first of all is to solve the long-term stable supply of raw materials of methanol. For our country, with the development of clean coal technology at the same time, also need to extend our view to North America and the Middle East natural gas resource rich areas, the construction of low emission technologies worldwide gas methanol production plant, focusing on incremental, integration of the stock, you can also import methanol feedstock, consolidate the Sino US relationship interests community, the balance of Sino US trade deficit. This is an important content of methanol industry chain layout. At the same time, the layout of China, the construction of three to four megaton methanol storage base, to support the development of the downstream industry of methanol.

Suggestion: the formation of liquid sunshine fund “, commissioned by the professional and international market, the equity investment company. In recent years, the United States is to increase methanol production investment, one hand thanks to cheap natural gas supply; on the other hand, has made a great breakthrough in technology development, especially the expansion of methanol to gasoline production was not a small success. Jade, Mitsui and Massey Kniss and other large enterprises have been planned or in the United States began to build large-scale methanol device. In Europe, due to the continued growth of methanol market demand, many companies are still producing methanol on the scale to strengthen technological innovation. Under this background, the world’s largest source of imports sharply intensified competition. From the global methanol supply and demand, the future depends on China, Europe for methanol imports is still relatively large, Africa, North America, Middle East and other regions are mainly supplied to China and europe.

The establishment of a special fund, will promote the rapid polymerization of various resources, to accelerate the implementation of methanol economic construction involves major technology development and industrialization project construction, base construction, integration of overseas power industry chain, and occupy a high proportion in the global methanol production capacity, so as to Chinese their voice in methanol in the industrial chain and, our global strategy for methanol industry dominant position.

4, improve the supporting facilities, promote the transformation of the development of key technologies and innovations

“Liquid sunshine economy” industry chain is still facing the construction of supporting facilities should be improved and a series of problems. For example, the lack of industry policy and industry technical standards, including methanol, methanol vehicle boiler national standard national standard.

Suggestions: to develop relevant industry policies and technical standards, to further improve the alcohol based fuel industry policy, formulated a series of industry standards, including methanol, methanol vehicle boiler national standard national standard, the establishment of relevant technology and product certification system, the implementation of standards to promote efforts to increase, and further support the methanol fuel major demonstration project “health liquid sunshine economy” orderly development of related industries, promote the transformation of the development of key technologies and innovations.

5, Methanol-fueled car technical difficulties completely break the market operation, still need to vigorously promote

China’s “liquid solar economy” has a certain foundation, especially in the practice of methanol as a fuel for automotive power. As of now, the State Ministry consists of 13 batch issued 8 Methanol-fueled car production enterprises and 23 Methanol-fueled car product announcement, the basic form of the products of heavy commercial vehicles, cars, mini cars, city bus series models for different purposes. In the aspect of technology, the technical difficulties of Methanol-fueled car has been completely breakthrough. In terms of policy, China is gradually attach importance to the application of Methanol-fueled car support. In February 22, 2018, Ministry of energy saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department issued the “energy saving and comprehensive utilization of 2018 industrial working point”, in the Methanol-fueled car, mentioned the need to deepen the Methanol-fueled car pilot, accelerate the development of a number of key areas of Methanol-fueled car standards, promote the popularization and application of Methanol-fueled car.

However, Methanol-fueled car is still in the initial stage of development in China, we still need a lot of work to promote the development of the market.

Suggestion: in methanol vehicles, as soon as possible to promote the market-oriented operation of the Methanol-fueled car. R & D, Methanol-fueled car demonstration pilot, has gone through 36 years, a large number of experiments and pilot proved Methanol-fueled car safety, economy, power, reliability and environmental protection. Combined with the energy and the current market situation of our country, suggestions in methanol across a substantial step, open Methanol-fueled car market, as soon as possible to promote market-oriented operation.

At the same time, in the early development of the national Methanol-fueled car, given the relevant supporting policies, in order to realize the transition of the market as soon as possible. In addition, the work proposed to continue to improve the methanol vehicle industry supporting infrastructure construction, system construction, operation management and related application of safety assessment, combined with the experience of the pilot Methanol-fueled car in some areas of China, in the wider region, strengthen and improve the supporting infrastructure construction, operation management and application of the safety assessment work.

Finally, suggested that the relevant technical specifications, product standards, clear Methanol-fueled car to accelerate the methanol standard system construction, accelerate the Methanol-fueled car market.

Purify Network about cars development space

As a new way to travel, network about cars from the beginning of the birth is full of controversy, touch to the existing laws and regulations and in the operating mode of the continuous efforts to become the focus of public attention.

This year, Li Shufu on the net about car development and new energy Found in-depth investigation of automobile development strategy, some in the net about car service driver without reservation taxi driver “network card”, or no car is changed to “working class” and “network card booking vehicles have rental car transport”.

Therefore, Li Shufu suggested that the government should strictly establish the quality of the drivers and the training system, from the national policy level, a clear one car, a platform, a network card driver holds about the driver registered in a platform holder can only use a qualified car, to carry out operations. But it can encourage the driver examination form more flexible, such as under the premise of ensuring the fairness of the examination, set the test sites in the service network about the car platform company each service location, convenient driver test. The basic rights and the protection of network about car drivers, driver and vehicle platform network about the corresponding contract signed, and not just registered.

The reason for the operation of the vehicle did not change, most of the network about cars by private car, once a vehicle changes, private cars scrapped years into eight years, which makes a lot of private cars beat a retreat. Change into operation of the vehicle, must be insured vehicles related to insurance, but also need to buy for the passenger carrier liability insurance and other related insurance, the cost is greatly improved. There are about car drivers, a car is a family assets, not willing to turn to the private vehicle operations about the car anchored in the network platform, with the platform just because the driver registration system, the platform can join the platform title, carrying heavy assets, risk.

He also suggested that, led by the CIRC, the insurance companies involved in the design for innovative transportation insurance network about cars, compared to the current operating insurance rates low. The new insurance, reduce private car operating vehicles after the change cost, promote participant voluntary compliance and legal operation.

In addition, effective supervision, how to use the data he suggested that the government departments in strict accordance with the “rental reservation network supervision information interaction platform vehicle operation management measures” implementation rules and punishment measures to set up a special working group to make data upload, and supervise the network about the car company to submit the relevant data will be included in the network; about passenger car taxi management and manpower management, etc.

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